New Thing #1: The Wings

The Wings is the new thing.  It's square. It's clear.  It's got a doily on it, and also one song.  It's screen-printed.  It's lathe cut.  What does all this mean? It means that it is really fancy and cool.  What else does it mean? Someone explained it to me, but it didn't make a lot of sense.  At any rate, these things are very attractive looking and contain a very special recording that only myself, the devil, David Strackany, and a couple of others have heard.  Without giving too much away, I will say that the sounds on it are a nice bridge from the swooning strings on 'The Company We Keep' to the next record I'll be making.  It's for sale in the online store, and I'll be setting a few aside for my upcoming shows with Mirah in case you would rather buy one in person.

The person who made these is called Michael Ryan Dellinger.  He's good at making things.  You can look at other things he has made here.

Also, international shipping rates are ludicrously high now.  I'm really sorry about that.