Putting Advice Into Print

I recently got a job working for Pyragraph, which is a fantastic arts career magazine focusing on the day-to-day of what being a professional artist looks like.  I recently had my first feature published, which you can read here.


I'll be taking my own advice (or rather, I have been taking it) while preparing to hit the road again in September after about a year of tour hiatus (as long as you don't count those three trips to California, two trips to the East Coast and two trips to Colorado as wrecking the hiatus).  I'll be bringing Anthonie Tonnon, a great musician and songwriter from New Zealand, along for the ride.  You can get better acquainted with him and his music here.
I'll be announcing our dates soon, but as always if you'd like to host a show, we'd like to play.  We're traveling roughly between Seattle, San Diego, Denver, and Chicago. 


Also my husband Sean Nelson  released his debut solo record on June 4th, and is officially celebrating its release in Seattle at Neumo's on Wednesday, June 26th.  I'll be playing keyboards and beaming with pride.  Hope to see you there.